Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Language focus (Trang 11-12 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

Unit 1: A visit from a pen pal

Language focus (Trang 11-12 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

1. Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about what each person did on the weekend. (Hãy thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp. Hỏi và trả lời các câu hỏi về những việc mà mỗi người đã làm trong ngày cuối tuần.)

Gợi ý:


- What did Ba do on the weekend?

=> He went to see the movie called "Ghosts and Monsters".

- When did he see it?

=> He saw it on Saturday afternoon at two o'clock.


- What did Nga do on the weekend?

=> She went to a concert and listen to Ha Noi singers.

- When did she go there?

=> She went there at 8 o'clock on Saturday evening.


- What did Lan do on the weekend?

=> She went camping with the Y & Y.

- How long did she go camping?

=> She went camping all the weekend.


- What did Nam do on the weekend?

=> He went to see a football match Dong Thap versus The Cong.

- When did he go there?

=> He went there at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.


- What did Hoa do on the weekend?

=> She went to see a play called "Much A do about Nothing".

- When did she see it?

=> She saw it at 7 o'clock on Sunday evening.

2. Lan and her friends are holding a farewell party for Maryam. Write the things they did to prepare for the party. Use the pictures and the words in the box. (Lan và các bạn của cô dự định tổ chức một bữa tiệc chia tay cho Maryam. Hãy viết những gì mà họ làm để chuẩn bị cho bữa tiệc. Sử dụng tranh và những từ trong khung.)

Gợi ý:

- They bought a lot of flowers.

- They made a big cake.

- They hung colorful lamps on the walls of the party room.

- They painted a picture of Ha Noi.

- They went shopping to buy all things necessary for the party and a gift for Maryam.

3. Work with a partner. Write wishes you want to make in these situations. (Thực hành với một bạn cùng học. Viết những lời ước mà bạn muốn trong những tình huống này.)


a. You are not very tall.

=> I wish I were taller.

Gợi ý:

b. I wish I were in the swimming pool.

c. I wish I had a computer.

d. I wish I lived near my school.

e. I wish I had a sister.

f. I wish I could draw well.

g. I wish I had my friend's phone number.

h. I wish I knew many friends.

i. I wish my hometown had some rivers and lakes.