Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

6. Write (Trang 79-80 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

Unit 9: Natural disasters

6. Write (Trang 79-80 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

Use the pictures and the words in the box to write a story. You can ... . (Sử dụng các bức tranh và các từ trong khung để viết một câu chuyện. Bạn có thể thay đổi hoặc thêm bớt một vài chi tiết cho câu chuyện đó.)

Gợi ý:

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. The weather was perfect. Lan was outside the house, playing with her dog Skippy. All of a sudden, the dog behaved strangely. She kept on running around in circles. Noticing it, Lan ran home quickly with her dog, and told her mother what Skippy had done. Lan's mother - Mrs. Quyen - told Lan that she heard the news on TV that there would be a typhoon coming. Mrs. Quyen gathered the family and told them to find shelter in the home. Suddenly, the sky became very dark. A few minutes late the storm came with strong winds and heavy rain. Mrs. Quyen's family got very scared. But soon the storm finished. Everyone was glad. What a clever dog, Skippy! She saved Lan from being kept in a typhoon.