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Bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ Who, That, Which

Bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ Who, That, Which

Câu 1:

In some of these sentences you need who or that. Correct the sentences where necessary.

1. The woman who lives

2. OK

3. Ok

4. The people who work in the office

5. OK

6. OK

7. the money that/which was on the table

8. OK

9. the best thing that/which has ever happened to you.

Câu 2:

 What do you say in these situations? Comple each sentence with a relative clause?

1. Your friend lost some keys. You want to know if he has found them. You say:

Have you found..................

2. A friend is wearing a dress. You like it. You tell her:

I like the dress ..................... .

3. A friend is going to see a film. You want to know the name of the film. You say:

What's the name of the film .....................?

4. You wanted to visit a museum. It was shut when you got there. You tell a friend:

The museum .......... was shut when we got there.

5. You invited some people to your party. Some of them couldn't come. You tell someone:

Some of the people .......... couldn't come.

6. Your friend had to do some work. You want to know if she has finished. You say:

Have you finished the work .......... ?

7. You hired a car. It broke down after a few miles. You tell a friend:

The car .......... broke down after a few miles.

8. You stayed at a hotel. Tom had recommended it to you. You tell a friend:

We stayed at a hotel .......... .

Đáp án

1. which the keys you lost?

2. you're wearing => that/ which you're wearing

3. you're going to see => that/ which you're going to see

4. I/ we wanted to visit => that/ which I/ we wanted to visit

5. I/ we invited to the party => who/ whom/ that we invited ....

6. you had to do => that/ which you had to do

7. I/ we hired => that/ which I we hired

8. Tom had recommended to us => that/ which Tom had recommended

Câu 3:

 Complete each sentence using a relative clause with a preposition. Choose from the box:

1. Are these the books you were looking for?

2. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the wedding .... .

3. I enjoy my job. I like the people .... .

4. What's the name of that hotel .... ?

5. The party .... wasn't very enjoyable.

6. I didn't get the job .... .

7. Gary is a good person to know. He's somebody .... .

8. Who was that man .... in the restaurant?

Đáp án

2. we were invited to or that/which we were invited to

3. I work with or who/that I work with

4. you told me about or that/which you told me about

5. we went to last night or that/which we went to ....

6. I applied for or that/which I applied for ....

7. You can rely on or who/that you can rely

8. I saw you with or who/that I saw you with

Câu 4:

Put in that or what where necessary. If the sentence is already complete, leave the space empty.

1. I gave her all the money ..–.. I had. (all the money that I had is also correct)

2. Did you hear what they said?

3. They give their children everything .... they want.

4. Tell me .... yo want and I'll try to get it for you.

5. Why do you blame me for everything .... goes wrong?

6. I won't be able to do much, but I'll do .... I can.

7. I won't be able to do much but I'll do the best .... I can.

8. I don't agree with .... you've just said.

9. I don't trust him. I don't believe anything .... he says.

Đáp án

1. -

2. what


4. what

5. that

6. what

7. -

8. what