Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập have to và must

Bài tập have to và must

Câu 1:

Complete the sentences with have to/has to/had to.

1. Bill start work at 5a.m. He .... at four (he/get up)

2. I broke my arm last week. ...... to hospital? ( you/go)

3. There was a lot of noise from the street .... the window (we/close)

4. Karen can't stay for the whole meeting .... early(she/leave)

5. How old .... to drive in your country(you/be)

6. I don't have much time. .................. .(I/hurry)

7. How is Paul enjoying his new job? .......... a lot?(he/travel)

8. "I'm afraid I can't stay long" "What time .... ?"(you/go)`

9. "The bus was late again." "How long .... ?"(you/want)

10. There was nobody to help me. I .... everything by myself. (I/do)

Đáp án:

1. has to get up

2. Did you have to go

3. We had to close

4. She has to leave

5. do you have to be

6. I have to hurry

7. does he have to travel

8. do you have to go

9. did you have to wait

10. had to do

Câu 2:

Complete the sentences using have to + the verb in the list. Some sentences are positive (have to ...) and some are negative (I don't have to ...)

1. I'm not working tomorrow so I .... early.

2. Steve didn't know how to use the computer so I ... him.

3. Excuse me a moment – I .... a phone call. I won't be long

4. I'm not busy. I have few things to do but I .... them now.

5. I couldn't find the street I wanted. I .... somebody for directions

6. The car park is free. You .... to park your car there.

7. A man was injured in the accident but he .... to hospital because it wasn't serious.

8. Sue has a senior position in the company. She .... important decisions

9. When Patrick starts his new job next month, he .... 50 miles to work every day.

Đáp án:

1. don't have to get up

2. had to show

3. have to make

4. don't have to do

5. had to ask

6. don't have to pay

7. didn't have to go

8. has to make

9. will have to drive

Câu 3:

In some of these sentences must is wrong or unnatural. Correct the sentences where necessary.

Đáp án:

1. OK

2. I have to work

3. OK

4. He has to work

5. I had to work late yesterday evening

6. OK

7. She has had to wear glasses since she was very young

Câu 4:

Complete the sentences with mustn't or don't/doesn't have to

1. I don't want anyone to know about our plan. You ... tell anyone.

2. Richard ..... wear a suit to work but he usually does.

3. I can stay in bed tomorrow morning because I .... go to work.

4. Whatever you do, you .... touch that switch.It's very dangerous.

5. There's a lift in the building so we .... climb the stairs

6. You .... forget what I told you.It's vry important.

7. Sue .... get up early, but she usually does.

8. Don't make so much noise. We .... wake the children.

9. I .... eat too much.I'm supposed to be on a diet

10. You .... be good player to enjoy a game of tennis.

Đáp án:

1. mustn't

2. doesn't have to

3. don't have to

4. mustn't

5. don't have to

6. mustn't

7. doesn't have to

8. mustn't

9. mustn't

10. don't have to