Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập giới từ on, at, in (Chỉ nơi chốn)

Bài tập giới từ on, at, in (Chỉ nơi chốn)

Câu 1:

 Complete the sentences. Use in, at or on + the following:

the west coast   the world   the back of the class    the sky the front row   the right   the back of this card   the way to work

1. It was a lovely day. There wasn't a cloud .......

2. In most countries people drive .....

3. What is the tallest buiding .....?

4. I usually buy a newspaper .... in the morning.

5. San Francisco is .... of the United States.

6. We went to the theatre last night. We had seats ......

7. I couldn't hear the teacher. She spoke quietly and I was sitting ......

8. I don't haeve your address. Could you write it .... ?

Đáp án

1. in the sky

2. on the right

3. in the world

4. in the way to work

5. on the went coast

6. in the front now

7. at the back of the class

8. on the back of this card

Câu 2:

 Complete the sentences with in, at or on .

1. Write your name ....the top of the page.

2. Is your sister .... this photograph? I don't recognize her.

3. I didn't feel very well when I woke up, so I stayed .... bed.

4. We normally use the front entrance to the building but there's another one .... the back.

5. Is there anything interesting .... the paper today?

6. There was a list of names, but my name wasn't .... the list.

7. .... the end of the street,there is a path leading to the river.

8. I love to look up at the starts .... the sky at night.

9. When I'm a passenger in a car, I prefer to sit .... the front.

10. It's a very small village. You probably won't find it .... your map.

11. Joe works .... the furniture department of a large store.

12. Paris is .... the river Seine.

13. I don't like cities. I'd much prefer to live .... the country.

14. My office is .... the top floor. It's .... the left as you come out of the lift.

Đáp án

1. at

2. in

3. in

4. at

5. in

6. on

7. at

8. in

9. in

10. on

11. in

12. on

13. in

14. on .... on