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Bài tập động từ khuyết thiếu could

Bài tập động từ khuyết thiếu could

Câu 1:

Answer the question with a suggestion. Use could

1. Where shall we go for our holidays?

(to Scotland) .....................

2. What shall we hve for dinner tonight?

(fish) We ...........................

3. When shall I phone Angela?

(now) You ...........................

4. What shall I give Ann for her birthday?

(a book).............................

5. Where shall we hang this pic ture?

(in the kitchen).......................

Đáp án:

1. We could go to Scotland.

2. We could have fish.

3. You could phone now.

4. You could give her a book.

5. We could hang it in the kitchen.

Câu 2:

In some of these sentences you need could (not can). Change the sentences where necessary.

1. The story can be true but I don't think it is.

2. It's a nice day. We can go for a walk.

3. I'm so angry with him. I can kill him.

4. If you're hungry we can have dinner now.

5. It's so nice here.I can stay here all day but unfortunately I have to go.

6. A: Where's my bag.Have you seen it?

B: No,but it can be in the car.

7. Peter is a keen musician.He plays the flute and he can also play the piano.

8. A: I need to borrow a camera

B: You can borrow mine.

9. The weather is nice now,but it can change later.

Đáp án:

1. could be true

2. OK

3. I could kill him

4. OK

5. I could stay here all day

6. it could be in the car

7. OK

8. OK

9. it could change later

Câu 3:

 Complete the sentences. Use could or could have + suitable verb


A: What shall we do this evening?

B: I don't mind. We ..... to the cinema.


A: I had very boring evening at home yesterday.

B: Why did you stay at home? You .... out with us.


A: There's an interesting job advertised in the paper. You .... for it.

B: What sort of job? Show me the advertisenment.


A: How was your exam? Was it difficult?

B: It wasn't so bad. It .... worse.


A: I got very wet walking home in the rain last night.

B: Why did you walk?. You .... a taxi


A: Where shall we meet tomorrow?

B: Well, I .... to your house if you like.

Đáp án:

1. could go

2. could have come

3. could apply

4. could have been

5. could have got

6. could come

Câu 4:

Complete the sentences. Use couldn't or couldn't have + these verbs

be   be   come   find   get    live   wear

1. I ..... in a big city. I'd hate it.

2. We had a really good holida. It ....... better.

3. I .... that hat. I'd look silly and people would laugh at me.

4. We managed to find the restaurant you recommended, but we .... it without the map that you drew for us.

5. Paul has to get up ap 4 o'clock every morning. I don't know how he does it. I .... up at that time every day.

6. The staff at the hotel were really nice when we stayed there last summer. They .... more helpful.


A: I tried to phone you last week. We had a party and I wanted to invite you.

B: That was nice of you, but I .... anyway. I was away all last week.

Đáp án:

1. couldn't live

2. couldn't have been

3. couldn't wear

4. couldn't have found

5. couldn't get

6. couldn't have been

7. couldn't have come