Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập động từ + giới từ

Bài tập động từ + giới từ

Câu 1:

 Put in the correct preposition.

1. Did you hear .... what happened at the party on Saturday?

2. "I had a strange dream last night." "Did you? What did you dream ....?"

3. Our neighbours complained .... us .... the noise we made last night.

4. Kevin was complaining .... pains in his chest, so he went to the doctor.

5. I love this music. It reminds me .... a warm day in spring.

6. He loves his job. He thinks .... his job all the time, he dreams ....it, he talks .... it and I'm fed up with hearing .... it.

7. I tried to remember the name of the book, but I couldn't think .... it.

8. Jackie warned me .... the water. She said it wasn't safe to drink.

9. We warned our children .... the dangers of playing in the street.

Đáp án

1. about

2. about

3. to us about

4. of

5. of

6. about .... about .... about .... about

7. of

8. about

9. about /of

Câu 2:

 Complete the sentences using the following verbs (in the correct form) + the correct preposition. 

complain dream hear remind remind  think  think warn

1. That's a good idea. Why didn't I ..... that?

2. Bill is never satisfied. He is always .... something.

3. I can't make a decision yet. I need time to .... your proposal.

4. Before you go into the house, I must .... you .... the dog. He is very aggressive sometimes, so be careful.

5. She's not a well-known singer. Not many people have .... her.

6. A: You wouldn't go away without telling me, would you?

B: Of course not. I wouldn't .... it.

7. I would have forgotten my appointment if Jane hadn't .... me .... it.

8. Do you see that man over there? Does he .... you .... anybody you know?

Đáp án

1. think of

2. complaining about

3. think about

4. warn you about

5. heard of

6. dream of

7. reminded me about

8. remind you of

Câu 3:

Complete the sentences using hear or heard + the correct preposition (about/of/from).

1. I've never .... Tom Hart. Who is he?

2. "Did you .... the accident last night?" "Yes, Vicky told me."

3. Jill used to phone quite often, but I haven't .... her for a long time now.

4. A: Have you .... a writer called William Hudson?

B: No, I don't think so. What sort of writer is he?

5. Thank you for your letter. It was good to .... you again.

6. "Do you want to .... our holiday?" "Not now. Tell me later."

7. I live in a small town in the north of England. You've probably never .... it.

Đáp án

1. heard of

2. hear about

3. heard from

4. heard of

5. hear from

6. hear about

7. heard of

Câu 4:

Complete the sentences using think about or think of. Sometimes both about and of are possible. Use the correct form of think (think/thinking/thought).

1. You look serious. What are you .......?

2. I like to have time to make decisions. I like to .... things carefully.

3. I don't know what to get Sarah for her birthday. Can you .... anything?

4. A: I've finished reading the book you lent me.

B: Have you? What did you .... it? Did you like it?

5. We've .... going out for a meal this evening. Would you like to come?

6. I don't really want to go out with Tom tonight. I'll have to .... an excuse.

7. When I was offered the job, I didn't accept immediately. I went away and .... it for a while. In the end I decided to take the job.

8. I don't .... much .... this coffee. It's like water.

9. Carol is very homesick. She's always .... her family back home.

Đáp án

1. thinking about

2. think about

3. think of

4. think of

5. thinking of /about

6. thought about

7. thought about

8. think much of

9. thinking about /of