Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập Danh từ đếm được và danh từ không đếm được

Bài tập Danh từ đếm được và danh từ không đếm được

Câu 1:

Which of the underlined parts os these sentences is correct?

1. "Did you hear noise/a noise just now?" "No, I didn't hear anything."

2. a, If you want to know the news you can read paper/a paper.

    b, I want to print some documents but the printer is out of paper/a paper

3.a, I thought there was somebody in the house because there was light/a light on inside.

   b, Light/A light comes from the sun.

4.a, I was in a hurry this morning . I didn't have time/a time for breakfast?

b, "Did you enjoy your holiday?" "Yes, we had wonderful time/a wonderful time.”

5. This is nice room/a nice room. Did you decorate it yourself.

6. Sue was very helpful. She gave us some very useful advice/adivices.

7. Did you have nice weather/a nice weather when you were away?

8. We were very unfortunate. We had bad luck/a bag luck.

9. Is it difficult to find a work/job at the moment.

10. Our travel/journey from Paris to Moscow by train was very tiring.

11. When the fire alarm rang there was total chaos/a total chaos

12. I had to buy a/some bread because I wanted to make some sandwiches.

13. Bad news don’t/doesn’t make people happy.

14. Your hair is/Your hairs are too long. You should have it/them cut.

15. The damage/the damages caused by the strom will cost a lot to repair.

Đáp án:

1. a noise

2.a, a paper

b, paper

3.a, a light

b, light

4.a, time

b, a wonderful time

5. a nice room

6. advice

7. nice weather

8. bad luck

9. job

10. journey

11. total chaos

12. some

13. doesn't

14. your hair is .... it

15. The damage

Câu 2:

Complete the sentences using the following words. Use the plural where necessary.

advice    chair    experience   experience    furniture    hair

information   job     luggage    permission    progress    work

1. I didn't have much ..... - just two small bags.

2. They'll tell you all you want to know. They' ll give you plenty of ....

3. There is room for everybody to sit down. There are plenty of .... .

4. We have no ...., not even a bed or a table.

5. "What does Alan look like?" "He got a long beard and very short .... ."

6. Carla's English is better than it was. She's made .... .

7. Mike is unemployed. He can't get a .... .

8. Mike is unemployed. He can't get .... .

9. If you want to leave early you have to ask for .... .

10. I didn't know what to do. So I asked Chris for .... .

11. I don't think Dan will get the job. He doesn't have enough .... .

12. Paul has done many interesting things. He could write a book about his .... .

Đáp án:

1. luggage

2. information

3. chairs

4. furiture

5. hair

6. progress

7. job

8. work

9. permission

10. advice

11. experience

12. experiences

Câu 3:

What do you say in these situations? Complete each sentence using one of the words from Section B in .

1. Your friends have just arrived at the station. You can't see any cases or bags. You ask them:


2. You go into the tourist office. You want to know about places to see in the town. You say:

I'd like ......................... .

3. You are a student. You want your teacher to advise you about which courses to do. You say:

Can you give me ......................... ?

4. You want to watch the news on TV,but you don't know when it is on. You ask your friend:

What time ......................... ?

5. You are at the top of a mountain. You can see a very long way. It's beautiful. You say:

It ........................., isn't it?

6. You look out of the window. The weather is horrible: cold, wet and windy. You say:

What ......................... !

Đáp án:

1. Have you got any luggage?

2. I'd like some information about places to see in the town.

3. Can you give me some advice about whch courses to do?

4. What time is the news on TV?

5. It's a beautiful view, isn't it?

6. What horrible/awful weather?