Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập tính từ tận cùng bằng -ing và -ed

Bài tập tính từ tận cùng bằng -ing và -ed

Câu 1:

1. The film wasn't as good as we had expected. (disappoint...)

   a, The film was disappointing.

   b, We were disappointed with the film.

2. Donna teaches young children. It's a very hard job, but she enjoys it. (exhaust...)

   a, She enjoys her job but it's often ............... .

   b, At the end of a day's work, she is often ........ .

3. It's been raining all day. I hate this weather. (depress...)

   a, This weather is ............... .

   b, This weather makes me ............... .

   c, It's silly to get ...... because of the weather.

4. Clare is going to Mexico next month. She has never been there before. (excit...)

   a, It will be an ....... experience for her.

   b, Going to new places is always ............... .

   c, She is really ...... about going to Mexico.

Đáp án

1. a, disappointing

b, disappointed

2. a, exhausting

   b, exhausted

3. a, depressing

   b, depressed

    c, depressed

4. a, exciting

    b, exciting

    c, excited

Câu 2:

 Choose the correct word.

1. I was disappointing/disappointed with the film. I had expected it to be better.

2. Are you interesting/interested in football?

3. The football match was very exciting/excited. I enjoyed it.

4. It's sometimes embarrassing/embarrassed when you have to ask people for money.

5. Do you easily get embarrassing/embarrassed?

6. I had never expected to get the job. I was really amazing/amazed when I was offered ot.

7. She has really learnt very fast. She has made astonishing/astonished progress.

8. I didn't find the situation funny. I was not amusing/amused.

9. It was a really terrifying/terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking/shocked.

10. Why do you always look so boring/bored? Is your life really so boring/bored?

11.He's one of the most boring/bored people I've ever met. He never stops talking and he never says anything interesting/interested.

Đáp án

1. disappointed

2. interested

3. exciting

4. embarrassing

5. embarrassed

6. amazed

7. astonishing

8. amused.

9. terrifying .... shocked

10. bored .... boring

11. boring .... interesting

Câu 3:

 Complete each sentence using a word from the box:

1. He works very hard. It's not ..... that he's always tired.

2. I've got nothing to do. I'm .... .

3. The teacher's explanation was .... . Most of the students didn't understand it.

4. The kitchen hadn't been cleaned for ages. It was really .... .

5. I seldom visit are galleries. I'm not particularly .... in art.

6. There's no need to get .... just because I'm a few minutes late.

7. The lecture was .... I fell asleep.

8. I've been working very hard all day and now I'm .... .

9. I'm starting a new job next week. I'm very .... about it.

10. Steve is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very .... .

11. Liz is a very .... person. She know a lot, she's travelled a lot and she's done lots of different things.

Đáp án

1. surprising

2. bored

3. confusing

4. disgusting

5. interested

6. annoyed

7. boring

8. exhausted

9. excited

10. amusing

11. interesting