Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Bài tập thứ tự tính từ

Bài tập thứ tự tính từ

Câu 1:

 Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct position.

Đáp án

Đáp án

2. an unusual gold ring

3. a beautiful old house.

4. black leather gloves

5. an old American film

6. a long thin face

7. big black clouds

8. a lovely sunny day

9. an ugly yellow dress.

10. a long wide avene.

11. a little old red car.

12. a nice new green sweater.

13. a small black metal box.

14. a big fat black car.

15. a lovely little old village.

16. beautiful long black hair

17. an interesting old French painting

18. an enormous red and yellow umbrella.

Câu 2:

Complete each sentence with a verb (in the correct form) and an adjective from the boxes.

1. Helen ....... this morning. Do you know what was wrong?

2. I can't eat this. I've just tried it and it .... .

3. I wasn't very well yesterday, but I .... today.

4. What beautiful flowers! They .... too.

5. You .... Have you been out in the rain?

6. Jim was telling me about his new job. It .... - much better than his old job.

Đáp án

1. seemed upset

2. tastes/tasted awful

3. feel fine

4. smell nice

5. look wet

6. sounds/sounded interesting

Câu 3:

Put in the correct word.

1. This tea tastes a bit .... (strange/strangely)

2. I always feel .... when the sun is shining. (happy/happily)

3. The children were playing .... in the garden. (happy/happily)

4. The man became .... when the manager of the restaurant asked him to leave. (violent/violently)

5. You look .... !Are you all right? (terrible/terribly)

6. There's no point in doing a job if you don't do it .... . (proper/properly)

7. The soup taste .... . (good/well)

8. Hurry up! You're always so .... . (slow/slowly)

Đáp án

1. strange.

2. happy

3. happily

4. violent

5. terrible

6. properly

7. good

8. slow

Câu 4:

Write the following in another way using the first .../the next .../the last ...

Đáp án

1. the first two days of the course

2. the next two weeks

3. the last two days

4. the first two weeks of May

5. the next few days

6. the first three questions

7. the next two years

8. the last three days of our holiday