Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Unit 8: Pronunciation (trang 19)

Unit 8: The world of work

Unit 8: Pronunciation (trang 19)

1. Read the following exchanges and underline the stressed words. Then practise in pairs. (Đọc những trao đổi sau đây và gạch dưới những từ được nhấn mạnh. Sau đó, thực hành theo cặp)

1. A: Are you ready for the interview?

 B: Yes, I am.

2. A: Are these students really interested in the job?

 B: Of course, they are.

3. A: Is your mother a doctor?

B: She was, but she's retired now.

4. A: Have you contacted the candidates for the interview yet?

 B: Yes, I have.

5. A: Do you want to follow in your parents' footsteps to be a teacher?

B: No, I don't. But my sister does.

6. A: Can you stay up late?

 B: Not now. I could when I was younger

7. A: You were late for work this morning

 B: I wasn't late this morning.

8. A: Where's my CV?

 B: It was on the table, but it isn't there now.

2. Practise the following conversation in pairs, using the correct sentence stress. (Thực hànhcuộc đối thoại sau đây theo cặp, sử dụng nhấn mạnh câu đúng)

Mrs. Ha: Have you decided on the courses to attend during your summer holiday?

Giang: Yes, I have. I want to take up short courses on soft skills.

Mrs. Ha: That sounds good. You may attend the courses on working in groups or giving presentation.

Giang: Are they practice and useful?

Mrs. Ha: Yes, they are. You always need to collaborate with others and give presentations in your future jobs.

Giang: Thank you for your advice. I'll enroll on them soon.