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Unit 7: Writing (trang 18)

Unit 7: Artificial intelligence

Unit 7: Writing (trang 18)

1. Read the following sentences and put them in the appropriate columns. (Đọc những câu sau đây và đặt chúng trong các cột thích hợp)

Hướng dẫn dịch:

2. Using the information in the list of useful expressions, and the outline below, write a short article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of A.I. (Sử dụng các thông tin trong 1, danh sách các nhận định hữu ích, và dàn ý dưới đây, hãy viết một bài viết ngắn thảo luận về những lợi ích và bất lợi của A.I.)

Gợi ý

Today, A.I. machines are used in many fields of life. They turn out to be efficient tools for human. However, it has been noted that A.I. or automated machines bring not only advantages but also disadvantages.

In production, automated machinery is more precise and quicker in manufacturing, so they can replace human to save money and time. Many large factories use fully automated systems that receive raw materials at the start of a production line, and output a packaged product at the end. Machines can also load trucks with the packaged products for delivery to customers. In addition to its applications in manufacturing, automated machinery can also be used to save lives and help people to heal. For example, in the hospital, an automated breathing machine can help a patient to breathe, an automated dialysis machine can clean a kidney patient's blood, and an automated X-ray machine can provide reliable X-ray images for the doctor to use in discovering the exact cause of an illness.

One the other hand, automated machines also cause some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of automated machinery is the potential loss of information or even human lives. The production line in a factory, or the treatment process of a patient, can be interrupted if a power failure happens. Moreover, automated machines or robots could fail to work properly if they were damaged or hacked by wrongdoers. If a military drone was hacked or malfunctioned, innocent people could be hurt or killed.

Taking the above points into consideration, the advantages of using automated machines outweigh their disadvantages. With the advances in technologies occurring now and in the future, there is the very real potential for a better world.