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Unit 6: Pronunciation (trang 5)

Unit 6: Endangered species

Unit 6: Pronunciation (trang 5)

1. Read the following exchanges. Decide and underline where the linking /r/ is likely to happen in fast, connected speech. (Đọc các trao đổi dưới đây. Quyết định và gạch gưới nơi mà liên âm /r/ có khả năng diễn ra trong văn nói nhanh, liền mạch)


A. Do you know why dinosaurs became extinct?

B. One theory said their extinction was caused by climate change, which affected their source of food.

A. I don't quite understand.

B. Scientists said there was a severe ice age. The Earth's water became frozen, so the trees and plants died. Dinosaurs were unable to survive in such conditions.


A. Where can we find rhinos and elephants?

B. Mostly in national parks in Asia and Africa. Why do you ask?

A. Peter and I are going to give a presentation about how to protect them. We suggest that wildlife habitats be better preserved. What's your opinion?

B. Well, I think we should have better law enforcement to stop the poaching and trading in their products.


A. It was said on TV that the coral in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and some other places is turning white.

B. Did they say why?

A. Because the sea water is becoming warmer, which kills the algae that live on the coral and bring fantastic colour, as well as food, to this species.

B. Another impact of climate change, isn't it?

2. Practice the exchanges in 1. (Luyện tập các trao đổi trong bài 1)