Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Unit 3: Pronunciation (trang 19)

Unit 3: The green movement

Unit 3: Pronunciation (trang 19)

1. Practise reading aloud the following sentences. Pay attention to any assimilation that may occur between the sounds in bold. (Thực hành đọc to những câu sau đây. Hãy chú ý đến bất kỳ sự đồng hoá có thể xảy ra giữa các âm thanh nét đậm)

1. We decided to donate our pocket money to the Go Green project.

2. Both students had good marks in English

3. Our school has been using more and more green materials and green products.

4. Some people believe that red bean soup is good for our health.

5. This area is famous for its clean beaches and green pearls.

2. In each sentence, underline the ending and beginning sounds where assimilation can occur. Then practise reading aloud the sentences with assimilation. (Trong mỗi câu, gạch chân kết thúc và bắt đầu âm thanh nơi sự đồng hoá có thể xảy ra. Sau đó, thực hành đọc to các câu với đồng hoá.)

1. This article explains what we can do to save our green planet.

2. Please put the recyclable items into this white bag.

3. Remember to clean the food processor before and after use.

4. This is the best market to buy organic food.

5. The best way to save paper is to use both sides of the sheet.