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Unit 10: Speaking (trang 39)

Unit 10: Lifelong learning

Unit 10: Speaking (trang 39)

1. Work with a partner. Discuss whether you think each of the following activities is helpful for lifelong learners or not. (Làm việc với một người bạn. Thảo luận liệu bạn có nghĩ rằng Mỗi một hoạt động sau đây là hữu ích cho người học suốt đời hay không)

Gợi ý


1. attending online courses (save money and time, flexible for each learner)

2. using e-learning apps developed by a university (reliable sources of knowledge, flexible so users can use anywhere and at any time they want)

3. meeting colleagues once or twice a month to discuss work experiences and social activities (learn from colleagues’ experience, develop together, it’s an effortless way to learn about reality, which is not included in books or academic documents)

4. attending some kind of arts and crafts classes (expand knowledge, it’s fun as well as relaxing)

5. joining a reading club (improve reading culture, it is possible to discuss some books with others that share the same hobby)

2. Work in groups of four. Choose some of the ideas discussed in or brainstorm your own ideas. Then prepare a presentation about how retired people can continue learning. (Làm việc trong nhóm bốn người. Chọn một trong những ý tưởng được thảo luận trong bài 1 hay suy nghĩ vềnhững ý tưởng của riêng bạn. Sau đó chuẩn bị một bài thuyết trình về cách mọi người đã về hưu có thể tiếp tục học tập.)

Gợi ý

Good morning everyone. Today I want to talk about a brand-new tendency all over the world: lifelong learning. This trend is become more and more popular among not only the young but also the older people. A problem is that how retired people can continue their learning. Following I suggest some options for the retired to keep learning new things.

Firstly, they can use e-learning apps developed by a university. These apps are flexible for them to study anywhere and at any time. When it comes to flexibility, some online courses can also have this advantage; however, considering the reliable sources of knowledge, e-learning apps are much better as they are built based on materials of universities.

Secondly, joining an interest club is also a good idea to learn when retired. For example, becoming a member of a reading book, people can not only be more motivated to read more but also be able to discuss about the books they read with other people and this makes them understand even more about the books. In addition, this is also a fun way to learn as people have chances to talk to and make friends with others who share the same hobbies with them.

In conclusion, lifelong learning is necessary for anyone, regardless of their background, gender or age. Following the above methods, retired people can also pursue their learning without worries about the rigidity of school or classes.