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Unit 10: Pronunciation (trang 34)

Unit 10: Lifelong learning

Unit 10: Pronunciation (trang 34)

1. Mark the rising (↗) or falling (↘) intonation on the questions. Then practise reading the questions aloud. (Đánh dấu vào tăng (↗) hoặc giảm (↘) ngữ điệu trên các câu hỏi. Sau đó, thực hành đọc to câu hỏi)

1. Are you reading the brochure sent by the Lifelong Learning Institute? ↗

2. What do you think is the most important factor in learning throughout life? ↘

3. How can a full-time secretary pursue lifelong learning? ↘

4. Are there any online courses at the university where you are studying? ↗

5. Where should we apply for a course in time management skills? ↘

2. Mark the rising (↗) or falling (↘) intonation on the questions in the short conversations. Then practise reading the conversations aloud. (Đánh dấu tăng (↗) hoặc giảm (↘) ngữ điệu trêncác câu hỏi trong các cuộc trò chuyện ngắn. Sau đó, thực hành đọc to các cuộc trò chuyện.)

1. A: Is lifelong learning limited to employees only? ↗

2. A: What are the basic requirements for pursuing knowledge throughout life? ↘

3. A: In what way is lifelong learning better now than in the past? ↘

4. A: Excuse me, are there any online courses starting in November? ↗

5. A: Should lifelong learners focus only on knowledge and experience necessary for work? ↗