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Unit 1: Speaking (trang 10)

Unit 1: Life stories

Unit 1: Speaking (trang 10)

1. Choose one historical figure below and complete the note cards for a talk about him. (Chọn một nhân vật lịch sử dưới đây và hoàn thành các thẻ ghi chú cho một cuộc nói chuyện về ông)

Gợi ý

Good morning teacher and friends, today I will talk about a famous historical figure. He is Chu Van An.

These are some facts about him. As you may know, he was an outstanding teacher and intellectual in Viet Nam. He was born in 1292. He passed his doctoral examination. He was in charge of Quoc Tu Giam – the first university of Viet Nam. He was responsible for teaching the crown prince who later became the King Tran Hien Tong. However, thereafter, he resigned and returned to his home village when the King Tran Du Tong refused his request of beheading eight mandarins who were accused of corruption.

When visiting him, high-ranking mandarins who used to be his students still observed high etiquette and showed respect for him.

Chu Van An is well respected due to his high moral standards and excellence in teaching. He was also a distinguished man who did not seek fame or wealth.

2. Work in groups. Use the note cards to present your talk to your group members. (Làm việc nhóm. Sử dụng các thẻ ghi chú để trình bày bài nói của bạn trước thành viên trong nhóm)