Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Biến đổi câu chủ động sang bị động thì tương lai đơn và động từ khuyết thiếu (cùng quy tắc):

Biến đổi câu chủ động sang bị động thì tương lai đơn và động từ khuyết thiếu (cùng quy tắc):

S + Modal Verb + V + O

Câu chủ động: 

S2 + Modal verb + be + V3/Ved + by O

Câu bị động: 

Ví dụ: I can see her. → She can be seen.

Task 1. Chuyển các câu hỏi sau sang thể bị động.

1. When will you do the work?

2. How are you going to deal with this problem?

3. How do you spend this amount of money?

4. I wonder whether the board of directors will choose Susan or Jane for the position.

5. How did the police find the lost man?

Hiển thị đáp án

1. When will the work be done?

2. How is this problem going to be dealt with?

3. How is this amount of money spent?

4. I wonder whether Susan or Jane will be chosen for the position by the board of directors.

5. How was the lost man found by the police?

Task 2. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

1. Toshico had her car (repair) by a mechanic.

2. Ellen got Marvin (type) her paper.

3. We got our house (paint) last week.

4. Dr Byrd is having the students (write ) a composition.

5. Mark got his transcripts (send) to the university. 6. Maria is having her hair (cut) tomorrow. 7. Will Mr. Brown have the porter (carry) his luggage to his car?

Hiển thị đáp án

1. repaired2. to type3. painted4. write
5. sent6. cut7. carry 

Task 3. Chuyển đổi sang câu bị động

1. I can buy this house.

2. Sam ought to clean his room.

3. We will shut the door.

4. Nina shall call you as soon as she arrives.

5. Sam can bring it back this morning.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. This house can be bought

2. Sam’s room ought to be cleaned

3. The door will be shut by us

4. You shall be called by Nina as soon as she arrives

5. It can be brought back by Sam this morning

Task 4. Chuyển đổi sang câu chủ động

1. The window should be closed.

2. The children will be taken to the park by the teacher.

3. Tom won’t be told what you said.

4. This book should be bought by Sam.

5. You will be helped by Nina.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. We should close the window

2. The teacher will take the children to the park

3. I will not tell Tom what you said

4. Sam should buy this book

5. Nina will help you