Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

Biến đổi câu chủ động sang bị động thì quá khứ hoàn thành: S + will be + Ving Câu

Biến đổi câu chủ động sang bị động thì quá khứ hoàn thành:

S + will be + Ving

Câu chủ động: 

S2 + will being + Ved/p3.

Câu bị động: 

Ví dụ: This time tomorrow, we’ll be taking the entrance exam.

=> This time tomorrow, the entrance exam will being taken by us.

Task 1. Chia động từ trong ngoặc

1. This time next year, I ______________ (live) in my new house.

2. In 2020, they _____________ (built) a bridge on this river.

3. Within the next ten years, we __________________ (use) robots to do housework.

4. At seven o’clock tomorrow, she __________________ (meet) his parents.

5. This time next week, we __________________ (not, go) camping in the mountains.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. will be living

2. will be building

3. will be using

4. will be meeting

5. won’t be going

Task 2. Choose the best answer

1. We can’t go along here because the road……………………

     A. is repairing

     B. is repaired

     C. is being repaired

     D. repairs

2. The story I’ve just read……………….Agatha Christie.

     A. was written

     B. was written by

     C. was written from

     D. wrote by

3. I’m going to go out and………………………………………….

     A. have cut my hair

     B. have my hair cut

     C. cut my hair

     D. my hair be cut

4. Something funny ………………………in class yesterday.

     A. happened

     B. was happened

     C. happens

     D. is happened

5. Many US automobiles……………………in Detroit, Michigan.

     A. manufacture

     B. have manufactured

     C. are manufactured

     D. are manufacturing

Hiển thị đáp án

1. C2. B3. B4. B5. C

Task 3. Change these sentences into passive voice

1. They will finish their work next week

2. The fire has caused considerable damage

3. The police were following the suspects

4. We're going to give David a pig surprise

5. I think Alfred Nobel invented dynamite

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Their work will be finished next week,

2. Considerable damage has been caused by the fire

3. The suspects were being followed by the police

4. David is going to be given a big surprise by us.

5. Alfred Nobel is thought to have invented dynamite by me

Task 4. Change these sentences into passive voice

1. Have you sent the Christmas cards to your family?

2. The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting.

3. He hides the broken cup in the drawer.

4. They keep this room tidy all the time.

5. They all voted the party a great success.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Have the Christmas cards been sent to your family?

2. Alice was appointed secretary for the meeting (by the committee).

3. The broken cup is hidden in the drawer (by him).

4. This room is kept tidy (by them) all the time.

5. The party was voted a great success (by them).