Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

1. Đề cập đến một sự việc có thể xảy ra trong quá khứ nhưng đã không xảy ra Could/Might

1. Đề cập đến một sự việc có thể xảy ra trong quá khứ nhưng đã không xảy ra

Could/Might + have + past participle = lẽ ra đã có thể ...

Ví dụ: You could/might have been killed. (You weren't killed.)

Lẽ ra cậu có thể đã bị giết.

2. Bạn đã có khả năng thực hiện một việc gì đó trong quá khứ, nhưng bạn đã không thực hiện nó

Could/might + have + past participle...(, but... ) = lẽ ra đã có thể...(, nhưng...)

* might: bực tức với ai vì họ đã không làm một chuyện nên làm.

Ví dụ: I could have stayed up late, but I decided to go to bed early.

Lẽ ra tôi đã có thể thức khuya, nhưng tôi quyết định đi ngủ sớm.

3. Suy đoán một sự việc xảy ra trong quá khứ

Could/might + have + past participle = có lẽ đã...

Ví dụ: He could/might have got stuck in traffic.

Có lẽ anh ta bị kẹt xe.

4. Một việc gì đó đã không thể xảy ra trong quá khứ, cho dù bạn đã muốn thực hiện nó

Couldn't have + past participle = đã không thể...

Ví dụ: I couldn't have arrived any earlier. There was a terrible traffic jam (= it was impossible for me to have arrived any earlier).

Tôi đã không thể đến sớm hơn được. Bị kẹt xe kinh khủng. (Tôi đã không thể đến sớm hơn được.)

5. Một sự việc mà một người nghĩ là cần thiết, nhưng người đó hoặc một người nào khác đã không thực hiện nó

Should have/ ought to have/must have + past participle = lẽ ra nên

Ví dụ: I should have studied harder! (= I didn't study very hard and so I failed the exam. I'm sorry about this now.)

Lẽ ra tôi nên học chăm chỉ hơn! (Tôi đã không học chăm chỉ và vì vậy tôi đã rớt kỳ thi. Bây giờ tôi tiếc quá.)

6. Một sự việc gì đó không nên làm, không cần thiết, nhưng bạn đã trót thực hiện

Shouldn't have/ oughtn't to have/mustn't have + past participle = lẽ ra đã không nên...

Ví dụ: I shouldn't have said that, I'm so sorry.

Lẽ ra tôi không nên nói như thế, tôi xin lỗi.

7. Bạn tin một sự việc gì đó đã xảy ra trong quá khứ, căn cứ vào bằng chứng nào đó

Must have + past participle = ắt hẳn đã..., chắc chắn là đã…..

Ví dụ: She's his wife. He must have known what she wanted. (= surely he knew)

Cô ấy là vợ anh ta. Chắc chắn là anh ta biết cô ta muốn gì.

Lưu ý:

 Người ta dùng "must have" khi họ có lý do hoặc bằng chứng xác thực đối với việc suy nghĩ một điều gì đó. Không dùng "must have" khi bạn suy đoán một sự việc mà bạn không biết rõ về nó. Thay vì vậy hãy dùng "could/might have"

Task 1. Chọn đáp án đúng.

1. You ......out last night. I called several times but nobody answered the phone.

a. must be     b. must have been

c. could have been     d. should have been

2. Micheal’s score on the test is the highest in the class; .........last night.

a. he must have studied hard     b. he should have studied hard

c. he must study hard     d. he must had to study hard

3. Look! The yard is wet. It ......last night.

a. must rain     b. couldn’t have rained

c. must have rained     d. should have rained

4. We ....you more help, but we were too busy.

a. might have given     b. might give

c. should give     d. could give

5. You ....your pass at the entrance unless you are asked to do so.

a. mustn’t show     b. needn’t show

c. haven’t to show     d. B and C

Hiển thị đáp án

1. b. must have been

2. a. he must have studied hard

3. c. must have rained

4. a. might have given

5. d. B and C

Task 2. Trong những câu sau đây, có một số câu chính xác và một số câu chứa một lỗi sai. Nếu câu đó đúng, hãy đánh dấu +, nếu câu đó sai, hãy tìm và sửa lỗi sai đó.

Câu hỏi12345
Đáp ánbacad

1. You must have be surprised when you heard the news.

2. You needn’t have do all this work.

3. The window must have been broken on purpose.

4. You must tired after working so hard.

5. One of the men may have died on the mountain.

6. You must been driving too fast.

7. The thief must have come in through the window.

8. If he is not in the office, he must at home. 

Hiển thị đáp án

1. be ⇒ been

2. do ⇒ done

3. Đúng

4. must ⇒ must be

5. Đúng

6. must been ⇒ must have been

7. Đúng

8. must ⇒ must be

Task 3. Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để điền vào chỗ trống trong mỗi câu sau.

1. Young people ______ obey their parents.

A. must     B. may

C. will     D. ought to

2. Laura, you and the kids just have dinner without waiting for me. I ______ work late today.

A. can     B. have to

C. could     D. would

3. I ______ be delighted to show you round the factory.

A. ought to     B. would

C. might     D. can

4. Leave early so that you ______ miss the bus.

A. didn’t     B. won’t

C. shouldn’t     D. mustn’t

5. Jenny’s engagement ring is enormous! It ______ have cost a fortune.

A. must     B. might

C. will     D. should

Hiển thị đáp án

1. A. must

2. C. could

3. B. would

4. B. won’t

5. A. must

Task 4. Viết lại các câu sau đây sao cho nghĩa không đổi.

Câu hỏi12345

1. Perhaps Susan knows the address. (may)

⇒ Susan_______________________________________________

2. It’s possible that Joanna didn’t receive my message. (might)

⇒ Joanna ______________________________________________

3. The report must be on my desk tomorrow. (has)

⇒ The report ___________________________________________

4. I managed to finish all my work. (able)

⇒ I___________________________________________________

5. It was not necessary for Nancy to clean the flat. (didn’t)

⇒ Nancy_______________________________________________

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Susan may know the address.

2. Joanna mightn’t have received my message.

3. The report has to be on my desk tomorrow.

4. I was able to finish all my work.

5. Nancy didn’t need to clean the flat.

Task 5. Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để điền vào chỗ trống trong mỗi câu sau.

1. You ______ to write them today.

A. should     B. must

C. had     D. ought

2. I hope I ______ find out the reason.

A. will    B. should

C. could     D. must

3. Unless he runs, he______ catch the train.

A. will     B. mustn’t

C. wouldn’t     D. won’t

4. When _____you come back home?

A. will     B. may

C. might     D. maybe

5. You will get up early, _____you?

A. may     B. must

C. will     D. could.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. C. had

2. B. should

3. C. wouldn’t

4. A. will

5. C. will

Task 6. Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để điền vào chỗ trống trong mỗi câu sau.

Câu hỏi12345

1. "Where do you think Rooney is today?". "I have no idea. He _____ late."

a. should have left     c. would sleep

b. would have sleep     d. may have sleep

2. Berbatov painted his bedroomblack. It looks dark and dreary. He _____ a different color.

a. had to choose     c. must have chosen

b. should have chosen     d. could have been choosing

3. The children _____ "thank you" to you when you gave them their gifts.

a. will have said     c. should have said

b. must say     d. should say

4. If we had known your new address, we _____ to see you.

a. came     c. will come

b. would have come     d. would come

5. These two boys look identical. They _____ twins.

a. must have been     c. should be

b. must be     d. should have been

Hiển thị đáp án

1. d. may have sleep

2. b. should have chosen

3. c. should have said

4. b. would have come

5. a. must have been

Task 7. Chọn đáp án đúng.

Câu hỏi12345
Đáp ándbcba

1. I haven’t been……………… sleep very well recently. (could/ able to/ can)

2. I ………….. swim to safety (can/ could/ was able to)

3. I ……………. get you a chips when I go to the shop, if you want. (can/ could/ able to)

4. Dennis ……….play the trumpet after weeks last month. (can/ could/ was able to)

5. After his car crashes he was so confused that he …………… tell the police who he was or where he was going. (can/ can’t/ could/ couldn’t)

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Able to

2. Was able to

3. Can

4. Could

5. couldn’t

Task 8. Choose the best answer

1. I ……………. drink a few cups of coffee to stay awake. (need to/ must)

2. We ……………………. book in advance. It isn’t much crowded (don’t need to/ need to/ mustn’t/ don’t have to)

3. You ………………. eat less if you want to lose weight. (must/ need to)

4. We have plenty of time. We ………………. hurry. (mustn’t/ needn’t/ don’t have to)

5. I don’t want anyone to know about out plan. You …………….. tell anyone. ( mustn’t/ don’t have to/ doesn’t have to).

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Need to

2. Don’t need to

3. Must

4. Needn’t

5. Mustn’t

Task 9. Rewrite the sentence using should/ shouldn’t

1. I’m feeling sick. I ate too much


2. When we went to the restaurant, there were no free tables. We hadn’t reserved one.


3. Laura told me her address, but I didn’t write it down. Now I can’t remember the house number.


4. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but I went to work. That was a mistake. Now I feel worse.


5. Tomorrow there is a football match between Team A and team B. team A are much better.


Hiển thị đáp án

1. You should eat too much

2. We should have reserved before

3. I should have written down her address.

4. I shouldn’t have gone to work.

5. Team A should win the match

Task 10. Fill in the blanks using MUST, MUSTN’T, DON’T HAVE TO, SHOULD, SHOULDN’T, MIGHT, CAN, CAN’T

1. Rose and Ted _________________ be good players. They have won hundreds of cups !

2. You _________________ pay to use the library. It’s free.

3. I’m not sure where my wife is at the moment. She ___________ be at her dance class.

4. Jerry _________________ be working today. He never works on Sundays.

5. You _________________ be 18 to see that film.

6. You _________________ hear this story. It’s very funny.

7. Dad _______________ go and see a doctor. His cough is getting worse all the time

8. You don’t have to shout. I ________________ hear you very well.

9. It _________________ be him. I saw him a week ago, and he didn’t look like that. 10. You look pretty tired. I think you ________________ go to bed early tonight.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. must

2. don’t have to

3. might

4. can’t

5. must

6. must

7. should

8. can

9. can’t, should