Sách Giải Bài Tập và SGK

1. Cách dùng câu bị động - Câu bị động được dùng khi bạn muốn nhấn mạnh vào hành động

1. Cách dùng câu bị động

- Câu bị động được dùng khi bạn muốn nhấn mạnh vào hành động trong câu, không muốn nhấn mạnh vào tác nhân gây ra hành động

- Thể bị động được dùng khi ta muốn tỏ ra lịch sự hơn trong một số tình huống

2. Thành lập câu bị động

Cấu trúc câu bị động theo các thì:

3. Cách chuyển câu chủ động sang câu bị động

ThìCấu trúc câu bị độngVí dụ câu bị động

Thì hiện tại đơn

S + am/is/are + PP + (by +O).

Ex: He waters flowers everyday.

→ Flowers are watered everyday.

Thì quá khứ đơn

S + was/were + PP +(by +O).

Ex: The storm destroyed the city last night.

→ The city was destroyed by the storm last night.

Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn

S + am/is/are + being + PP + (by +O).

Ex: We are taking the kids to the zoo.

→ The kids are being taken to the zoo.

Thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

S + was/were + being + PP + (by +O).

Ex: They were decorating the house when we came -> The house was being decorated when we came.

Thì hiện tại hoàn thành

S + have/has + been + PP + (by +O).

Ex: We have used this TV for 2 years.

→ This TV has been used for 2 years.

Thì quá khứ hoàn thành

S + had + been + PP + (by +O).

Ex: They had done the exercises.

→ The exercises had been done.

Thì tương lai đơn

S + will + be + PP + (by +O).

Ex: They will cut the grass tomorrow.

→ The grass will be cut tomorrow.

Thì tương lai tiếp diễn

S + will + be + being + PP + (by +O).

Ex: She will be cooking dinner when you come here tomorrow.

→ Dinner will be being cooked (by her) when you come here tomorrow.

Thì tương lai hoàn thành

S + will + have + been + PP + (by +O).

Ex: They will have finished the course by the end of this month.

→ The course will have been finished by the end of this month.

- Xác định các thành phần của câu chủ động, thì thời của câu bị động

- Tiến hành xác định chủ ngữ mới, tân ngữ mới

- Tiến hành chia động từ cho câu bị động

- Tiến hành ghép thành câu hoàn chỉnh

Task 1. Choose the best answer

1. We can’t go along here because the road……………………

A. is repairing     B. is repaired

C. is being repaired     D. repairs

2. The story I’ve just read……………….Agatha Christie.

A. was written     B. was written by

C. was written from     D. wrote by

3. I’m going to go out and………………………………………….

A. have cut my hair    B. have my hair cut

C. cut my hair     D. my hair be cut

4. Something funny ………………………in class yesterday.

A. happened     B. was happened

C. happens     D. is happened

5. Many US automobiles……………………in Detroit, Michigan.

A. manufacture     B. have manufactured

C. are manufactured     D. are manufacturing

Hiển thị đáp án

1. C. is being repaired

2. B. was written by

3. B. have my hair cut

4. B. was happened

5. C. are manufactured

Task 2. Choose the best answer

Câu hỏi12345

1. The boy…………………….by the teacher yesterday.

A. punish     B. punished

C. punishing     D. was punished

2. “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already………………, sir. They’re on your desk.”

A. typed     B. been being typed

C. being typed     D. been typed

3. Sarah is wearing a blouse. It………………….of cotton.

A. be made     B. are made

C. is made     D. made

4. They had a boy………………….. that yesterday.

A. done     B. to do

C. did     D. do

5. We got our mail ………………..yesterday.

A. been delivered     B. delivered

C. delivering     D. to deliver

6. James……..the news as soon as possible.

A. should tell     B. should be told

C. should told     D. should be telled

7. My wedding ring …………………. yellow and white gold.

A. is made     B. is making

C. made     D. make

8. Mr. Wilson is………………... as Willie to his friend.

A. known     B. knew

C. is known     D. know

9. References …………………….in the examination room.

A. not are used     B. is not used

C. didn’t used     D. are not used

10. Laura ………………….in Boston.

A. are born     B. were born

C. was born     D. born

Hiển thị đáp án

1. D. was punished

2. D. been typed

3. C. is made

4. A. done

5. B. delivered

6. B. should be told

7. A. is made

8. A. known

9. D. are not used

10. C. was born

Task 3. Change these sentences into Passive voice

Câu hỏi12345678910

1. They will finish their work next week

2. The fire has caused considerable damage

3. The police were following the suspects

4. We're going to give David a pig surprise

5. I think Alfred Nobel invented dynamite

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Their work will be finished next week,

2. Considerable damage has been caused by the fire

3. The suspects were being followed by the police

4. David is going to be given a big surprise by us.

Or: A big surprise is going to be given to David by us.

5. Alfred Nobel is thought to have invented dynamite by me

Or: It is thought that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite

Task 4. Change these sentences into Passive voice

1. Your hair is long, you ought to get it cut

2. Keep silent

3. Open your book

4. They made him work all day

5. Police advise drivers to use an alternative route.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Your hair is long, you ought to have it cut.

2. Let silent be kept.

3. Let your book be opened.

4. He was made to work all day

5. Drivers are advised to use an alternative route

Or: Police advise that an alternative route should be used.

Task 5. Change these sentences into passive voice

1. The waiter brings me this dish.

2. Our friends send these postcards to us.

3. Their grandmother told them this story when they visited her last week.

4. Tim ordered this train ticket for his mother.

5. You didn’t show me the special cameras.

6. She showed her ticket to the airline agent.

7. He lends his friend his new shoes.

8. She left her relatives five million pounds.

9. The shop assistant handed these boxes to the customer.

10. The board awarded the first prize to the reporter.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. This dish is brought to me (by the waiter).

2. These postcards are sent to us (by our friend).

3. This story was told to them (by their grandmother) when they visited her last week.

4. This train ticket was ordered for Tim’s mother.

5. The special cameras weren’t showed to me.

6. Her ticket was showed to the airline agent (by her).

7. His new shoes are lent to his friends (by him).

8. Five million pounds was left to her relatives (by her).

9. These boxes were handed to the customer (by the shop assistant).

10. The first prize was awarded to the reporter (by the board).

Task 6. Change these sentences into Passive voice

1. Have you sent the Christmas cards to your family?

2. The committee appointed Alice secretary for the meeting.

3. He hides the broken cup in the drawer.

4. They keep this room tidy all the time.

5. They all voted the party a great success.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. Have the Christmas cards been sent to your family?

2. Alice was appointed secretary for the meeting (by the committee).

3. The broken cup is hidden in the drawer (by him).

4. This room is kept tidy (by them) all the time.

5. The party was voted a great success (by them).

Task 7. Change these sentences into Passive voice

1. My father waters this flower every morning.

2. John invited Fiona to his birthday party last night.

3. Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen.

4. We should clean our teeth twice a day.

5. Our teachers have explained the English grammar.

6. Some drunk drivers caused the accident in this city.

7. Tom will visit his parents next month.

8. The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning.

9. Did Mary this beautiful dress?

10. I won’t hang these old pictures in the living room.

Hiển thị đáp án

1. This flower is watered (by my father) every morning.

2. Fiona was invented to John’s birthday party last month.

3. The dinner is being prepared (by her mother) in the kitchen.

4. Our teeth should be cleaned twice a day.

5. The English grammar has been explained (by our teacher).

6. The accident was caused in this city (by some drunk drivers).

7. Tom’s parents will be visited (by him) next month.

8. The secretary wasn’t phoned (by the manager) this morning.

9. Was this beautiful dress bought by Mary?

10. These old pictures won’t be hung in the living room (by me).

Task 8. Change these sentences into Passive voice

1. The German didn’t build this factory during the Second World War.

2. The Greens are going to paint this house and these cars for Christmas Day.

3. Ann had fed the cats before she went to the cinema.

4. The students have discussed the pollution problems since last week.

5. Have the thieves stolen the most valuable painting in the national museum?

6. Some people will interview the new president on TV.

7. How many languages do they speak in Canada?

8. Are you going to repair those shoes?

9. He has broken his nose in a football match.

10. Have you finished the above sentences?

Hiển thị đáp án

1. This factory wasn’t built (by the Greens) during the Second World War.

2. This house and these cars are going to be painted for Christmas day by the Greens.

3. The cats had been fed (by Ann) before she went to the cinema.

4. The pollution problems have been discussed (by the students) since last week.

5. Has the most valuable painting in the national museum been stolen (by the thieves).

6. The new president will be interviewed on TV (by some people).

7. How many languages are spoken in Canada (by them)?

8. Are those shoes going to be repaired?

9. His nose has been broken in a football match (by him).

10. Have above sentences been finished?

Task 9. Choose the best answer

1. His car needs …………………..

A. be fixed     B. fixing

C. to be fixing     D. fixed

2. Her watch needs …………………..

A. repairing     B. to be repaired

C. repaired     D. A and B

3. My mother is going …………………….. this house.

A. sold    B. sell

C. to be sold     D. to sell

4. There’s somebody behind us. I think we are ………………………..

A. being followed     B. are followed

C. follow     D. following

5. Have you………………….. by a dog?

A. bite     B. bit

C. ever been bitten     D. ever been bit

Hiển thị đáp án

1. B. fixing

2. A. repairing

3. A. sold

4. A. being followed

5. C. ever been bitten

Task 10. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

Câu hỏi12345

1. America __________ By Columbus in 1492.

A. are discovered     B. were discovering

C. is discovered     D. was discovered

2. Parrots and crows __________ the most intelligent birds.

A. were considering     B. are considered

C. Considered    D. was considered

3. I still can’t believe! My bicycle__________ last night.

A. was stolen     B. was stealing

C. were stolen     D. stole

4. Mary traffic accidents __________ by dangerous driving.

A. cause     B. caused

C. are caused     D. which are caused.

5. Many US automobiles __________ in Detroit, Michigan.

A. manufacture     B. are manufactured

C. have manufactured     D. are manufacturing

6. Grass __________ by fat cows on the green meadow.

A. are eaten     B. was being eaten

C. were being eat     D. was been eaten

Hiển thị đáp án

1. D. was discovered

2. B. are considered

3. A. was stolen

4. C. are caused

5. B. are manufactured

6. B. was being eaten